About foam

Foamiran - flower making foam can be cut in to flower shapes with scissors or with metal cutting dies and then beautifully shaped in to a 3D flowers using different techniques.

The flowers which are made with this foam can be used for scrapbooking, home decor , hair decor. They are perfect for card making and mixed media projects as well.

You can buy foamiran in 25 colors.

What is foamiran?Foamiran is a stretchy material (foam) 0,8mm or 0.6mm thick which look a bit like paper, easy to shape when warm. 
The thickness is very important that is why we offer only 0,6 mm foam.

Foamiran is a special kind of foam dedicated to flower making. Flowers made from foam look very realistic. 

To make foamiran flowers you will need:
flowers centre - gem, pearls, button, stamens (anything you wish to stick in the middle)
scissors or craft dies 
hot glue

Color  foam with inks, oil and soft pastels.

Foamiran is the most popular kind of foam nowadays. But it is not the only kind of foam you can use for making flowers. 

You can use also Zefir foam and Silk foam. 
Silk foam is a very  smooth, plastic foam which needs no warming  to make flowers with it.
It is easier to give it desired shape, quicker to make flowers as it is more flexible and delicate than foamiran. 
It is a great for realistic 3D flowers , with many petals. 

Zefir foam - it is a bit thicker than foamiran (0.8-1.0mm). 
But when you iron the foam between two pieces of papers it is getting thinner and very plastic and  very easy to shape. 

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